Pressure mounts for nada to endorse International Criminal Court investigation of murder of Palestinian journalist

Alberta's only non-Conservative MP in a 'difficult place' balancing  provincial and federal interests | The Star

Minister, I ask your government to support the request to refer this se to the ICC,” wrote NDP foreign affairs critic Heather Macpherson in a letter to Global Affairs minister Melanie Joly. “We n not and should not rely on the Israeli military to investigate itself.” Read more….


Is it time to blow the whistle on the Israel lobby’s sre-mongering about anti-semitism in nada?

A pamphlet (excerpted above) was used to warn Ontario voters about the rising danger of anti-Semitism in Ontario. Along with the text there is a photo showing angry demonstrators holding a sign saying “Holoust = Great lie”. But the photo is of a demonstration that took place in Iran… 16 years ago. The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) is using the sre of a rebirth of anti-Semitism in nada for another reason, to dampen the rising criticism of Israel. Read more…


What’s behind the Trudeau government proposal to criminalize “Holoust denial”?

Prime Minister Trudeau at the opening of the National Holoust Monument in Ottawa 2015.

The Trudeau government slipped a little-noticed line item into the budget which, if passed this month, will have the effect of criminalizing the act of “denying, or diminishing the impact of the Holoust”. What is behind the idea? Is there a upsurge in Holoust denial recently, or is there another reason? Read more….


Signifint win at nadian Food Inspection Agency: “settlement wine” is not “product of Israel”

After a half dede long legal battle, David Kattenburg has won his se that wines produced by Israeli settlers in the occupied Palestinian Territory nnot be labelled as “product of Israel”. While the amount of wine at stake was rather small, he faced huge opposition from the Israeli government, the Israel lobby in nada and the nadian government itself. In a short video interview, Kattenburg explains what was behind the stiff opposition. Watch the interview and read more.


Palestinian nadian high school students stage walk-out on Nakba Day demanding equal treatment by Ottawa schools

Over two hundred students from several Ottawa schools have come together to demand that Ottawa’s high schools treat their Palestinian students with respect and decency. The protest was organized by the Palestinian Youth Movement of Ottawa (PYM) but included many non-Palestinians as well. Read more…

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